• avery pairing

    Avery The Reverend & Food Pairing

    Tuesday, April 15, 2014

    Avery’s “The Reverend” A Belgian-style Strong Dark Ale/Quad is a rich and big ale with yeast notes, and phenols that lend the beer its complex nose and flavor. Todays pairing is sautéed apples in maple syrup and dashed with cinnamon to help lend the lacking spice of the beers phenols and add more sweetness that the Belgian candy sugar adds. This was a perfect pairing that will have any beer drinker enjoying it well drinking this rich beer.

  • stone saison

    Saison Means Season In French, Stone Set To Release New Beer

    Tuesday, March 18, 2014

    Stone Brewing Co. (Escondido, CA.) – Stone has been releasing new beers more and more threw out this past year and recently hinted about releasing a new beer that will be on the other side of the scale from what they normally do. Stone Saison is set to hit and soon and not be an aggressive hop forward beer. What to expect from Stone Saison, well since owns their own farm located near their brewery you will see lemon zest, lemon thyme, and lavender. If…

  • fw parabola

    Firestone Walker Parabola Hits Markets

    Sunday, March 16, 2014

    Paso Robles, CA – Like no other vintage before it, the 2014 Parabola by Firestone Walker Brewing Company is a beer of darkness and immensity, a beast that bares its teeth with a highest-ever 14% ABV—and yet its bite remains refined. “The flavor profile of this beer is pretty intense, but it also offers this creamy dark chocolate and polished milled cocoa character that keeps the bitterness in check,” said Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. “So you’ve got this massive beer that goes down smoothly. It’s the…

  • aprihop

    Is Dogfish Head Updating Their Seasonal Labels?

    Thursday, February 6, 2014

    Dogfish Head picks artist to create artwork for their seasonal beers that then get produced into posters and shirts. Each artist then gives Dogfish Head a couple artist names that thy then look into to produce a new theme image for the next year. Last year artist Jim Mazza was the featured artist and he gave them a couple names. Dogfish ended up picking one of the names Mazza gave them and 2014 featured artist is Jermaine Rogers. Jermaine Rogers from Texas never thought his…

  • guardian's slumber

    Stone Set To Debut Guardian’s Slumber Into Quingenti Series

    Thursday, February 6, 2014

    Since the debut of the Qunigenti Series from Stone Brewing Co. over the last couple years, beer drinkers were only able to get the series at Stone Brewery or other Stone stores till this past year, with three beers

Beer Reviews

pit stop

Mavericks: Pit Stop Chocolate Porter

Brewery: Mavericks Beer/Half Moon Bay Beer Co. Style: American Porter (session style)          Abv: 3.7% Availability: Year Round

avery pairing

Avery The Reverend & Food Pairing

Avery’s “The Reverend” A Belgian-style Strong Dark Ale/Quad is a rich and big ale with yeast notes, and phenols that lend the beer its complex nose and flavor. Todays pairing is sautéed apples in maple syrup and dashed with cinnamon to help lend the lacking spice of the beers phenols and add more sweetness that the Belgian candy sugar adds. This was a perfect pairing that will have any beer drinker enjoying it well drinking this rich beer.

avery rev

Avery Brewing: The Reverend

Brewery: Avery Brewing Co. – Boulder, CO. Style: Belgian-Style Strong Dark Ale/Quad           Abv: 10% Availability: Year Round

hog heaven

Avery Brewing: Hog Heaven

Brewery: Avery Brewing Co. – Boulder, CO. Style: American Barleywine          Abv: 9.2% Availability: Year Round

Press Release

ipa stone

Collective Distortion IPA, Stone Teams Up With Musicians

Music and craft beer are on a roll. There are so many brewers collaborating with musicians. Coming soon to Stone Brewing Co.’s Collaboration Series is Collective Distortion IPA. This future offering is the brainchild of Kyle Hollingsworth of The String Cheese Incident, and Keri Kelli of Alice Cooper. Together they created an imperial IPA brewed with elderberries and coriander. In bringing together artisans front disparate aural planes, one might expect an offbeat, feedback-warned cacophony,shrill to the point of unlistenable. Yet, by inviting Kyle Hollingsworth, keyboardist…

guest lager

Guest Lager, Half Acre & Mikkeller Set To Can New Beer

Half Acre Brewing (Chicago, IL) and Mikkeller (Um, everywhere) collaborated on Guest Lager once before. The collab is touted as an “ode to all things nonsensical.” This hoppy lager is available in both draft and 16oz cans. At 8% ABV, clean, Pilsner and Vienna malts, support a lager masquerading with the hop kids. Falconer’s Flight and Nelson Sauvin serve up a dank, orange blossom mouth fantasy that’ll hide your shoes under the bed and ask you to stay awhile. Style: Lager Availability: Early April 2014


Terrapin & Green Flash Set To Release Tangerine Dreamsicle

East coast meets west coast in this soon to memorable collaboration. Terrapin Beer Co. (Athens, GA) and Green Flash (San Diego, CA) have already brewed together in California, and the left coasters will find their way to Athens, Georgia next week to create Tangerine Dreamcicle. Tangerine Dreamcicle is a tangerine cream IPA. Style: IPA (w/ Tangerines) Availability: May 2014 Abv: 6.5%


Oskar Blues Releasing Old Chub Nitro Cans

Oskar Blues Brewery - (Boulder, CO.) Scotch ale “Old Chub” is an amazing beer that burst of caramel, dark fruits, and hints of smoke. Imagine a creamy version of a already amazing beer and what do you got? Old Chub Nitro. Old Chub Nitro utilizes an existing widget technology developed by Ball. The Nitro widget is attached to the bottom of the can and is charged with liquid nitrogen during the filling process. The widget releases the nitrogen when the can is opened, liberating the cascading creamy smooth…


Widmer And Boneyard Set To Release Blacklight IPA

Widmer Brother – (Portland, OR.) & Boneyard Beer (Bend, Or.) set to release the first of six beers Widmer is set to release from the collaborations hey will be releasing this year with other breweries for their 30 years of brewing. Widmer Brothers brewer Ben Dobler has known Boneyard’s Tony Lawrence for 17 years, making this first collaboration an easy choice. Blacklight IPA is a meld of the two breweries styles. A hop forward, sessionable 4.2% abv black ale with dark roasty notes. Widmer Brothers/Boneyard…

grand am

Bear Republic Replaces XP Pale Ale With Grand-Am Pale Ale

Sonoma County, CA- Bear Republic Brewing Company is proud to announce that Grand-Am will now be available in 12 oz. six-packs. A new national pale ale release, Grand-American or Grand-Am is a quaffable and sessionable ale that truly represents the West Coast style. “We are very happy to be releasing our American Pale Ale, Grand-Am to the public in bottles for the first time this spring. Replacing XP Pale Ale in our year-round lineup, we feel that it truly measures up to its comrades in the…


Easy Jack, Firestone Walker Gets Session With It

Double Jack, Union Jack, and now Easy Jack. Firestone Walker (Paso Robles, CA.) is set to release a new summer seasonal and it’s a session beer. With the end of 2013 and now 4 months into 2014 it seems session beers are really making an impact. Well what is a session beer? A session beer is a low abv beer that any beer drinker can take back a couple with in an hour and not feel all buzzed. Seems like breweries are really focusing on…


Clown Shoes Set To Release Burnt Caramel Brown Ale

Clown Shoes Brewing has one coming up for you. The brewery took a brown ale, and added a whopping 500 pounds of burnt caramel from Toscanini’s Ice Cream Shop in nearby Cambridge, Massachusetts. The love of beer and dessert should have you running to new brew. Hello my name is Caramel God. This American Brown Ale has 500 pounds of burnt caramel in it, provided by Toscanini’s Ice Cream in Cambridge, MA. Pray to whoever you will or worship me as I hover over an…


Agave Maria, Lost Abbey Set To Release New Seasonal

The Lost Abbey (San Marcos, CA) is releasing a new offering in their barrel-aged portfolio, Agave Maria Ale. Agave Maria is a strong ale brewed with agave nectar, and then aged in both Anejo and Reposado barrels for 10 months. Agave Maria has hints of black pepper, sweet sugar, oatmeal, and oak with an earthy, bitter smoked chocolate on the finish. The base beer, a new Agave strong ale, was created specifically to pair with the spiciness of the Tequila, adding a sweet honey-like quality…


Summer Helles, New Belgium Newest Summer Seasonal

New Belgium has just released their new summer seasonal. “Helles is a style we’ve always enjoyed playing around with,” said Grady Hull, New Belgium’s Assistant Brewmaster. “People really loved it in the festival setting because the drinkability is hard to beat. It pairs well with spicy and savory foods but you could also chase down a butter rum ice cream cone with equally great results.” New Belgium Summer Helles will be available in 12oz bottles and draft from now until July, 2014. Style: Helles Abv:…

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