THE BEER HEADS is a craft beer brand located out of San Jose, CA. We design apparel for Men and Women who are educated and passionate about craft beer drinker and offer glassware the best suits your beer of choice. Our motto is simple; crafted for the craft. As a brand you market towards a certain crowd, we feel as beer drinkers who love craft beer we are all different but have the same love towards what we drink, and we don't go towards pleasing a certain crowd but more towards the image of craftsmanship, education, passion, and being rebels in our own ways to protect our culture and community. The beer that we drink comes from passionate hard working people, some may call them brewers, but we call them our blacksmiths to brewing, and just like blacksmiths we try to ensure the best product available. We're The Beer Heads, we're craft, and we're what we drink... craft beer.

THE CORE OF THE BEER HEADS is to showcase our trademark lifestyle through our products. The lifestyle we live is showing what a beer heads is: educated and passionate about beer well showing the dedication of the craft. We want to ensure we deliver apparel and glassware that shows who we are, and what we're about. 

OUR GOAL is simple: to craft apparel and glassware for the educated and passionate beer head who takes pride in what they drink. We built an image of who we are, Craftsmen; crafting a lifestyle for the culture we love. The craft beer culture is about being educated, growth, passion, and sharing knowledge; not with holding it. We take pride in sharing this culture with the world. We are Beer Heads, we are what we drink, we are who we support, we are craft beer.